Golden rules of sports bets

rules of sports bets

Play only at the best online bookmakers

There are many online bookmakers licensed in Romania, but not all are as good, so you have to be careful when you choose where you play. The most important criteria based on which you have to choose the agency are: quotas, interface and support in Romanian, rich offer of parties and betting options, live betting service, live streaming service, submission/withdrawal methods you can use them. When you want an agency with a good party offer, look to focus on sports and events that interest you. In vain an agency has hundreds or thousands of football matches in South American seconds if you like you bet on basketball tips.

Why are these important aspects? Although for a beginner it may seem difficult to believe, you can win more if you play at a good agency. In a way it is logical; If the site is stuck as you want to put a bet, or the betting option you are looking for is not in offer, or you are filled with nerves because the site is hard to charge, it is normal for your results to be affected. The odds are also very important, and can even make the difference between earning or losing money in sports betting.

There is no perfect betting agency, and that’s why I recommend you open up to at least 2-3 of the five online bookmakers recommended by This is how you can place each bet at the best share, you will be able to find a betting options that are missing for another, you will be able to take advantage of the best promotions, etc.

Don’t overdo it! Gambling addiction is a serious problem!

rules of sports bets

If you play more hours in a day you will possibly get tired (even without realizing it). This means that you will lose yourself from lucidity and you will be more likely to make mistakes. Also, if you play too much there is a risk of reaching even sports betting. This is a problem that exists among many bets and which usually has the main effect of losing large amounts of money. In some cases it can lead to the distance of friends and family or to mental problems. A person dependent on betting will no longer be able to follow a strategy and a clear plan and will deviate from the rules in the hope that he will be able to generate fast earnings.

He will do his best to supplement his bank when he loses all the money in his account. Betting addiction is as serious as alcohol, tobacco or drugs and should be viewed as a real risk. It is good to have a certain target for each day (a realistic one) and when you have touched it to give up bets that day. Also, if you feel tired, frustrated or you simply have a bad day, it is better to stop at least until the next day.

Do not play forecasts taken from other sites without analyzing them

On the respective sites there are specialized types who can have a greater experience than you, but no such site guarantees that you will win. Try to go through the “own filter” a bet before placing it. Remember that you play your own money and we do not think it is very good to play your money on what others recommend that may not have anything in addition to you.

This advice is also valid in terms of tips recommended by specialists. Although we have some of the best types in Romania, it is not a good idea to simply a tip. It only places those bets you agree with, because it is quite crazy about losing another. Remember that you can check the statistics of each specialist bets in part to see what had better results in total, or which is in “form”.

Never buy “100% safe” tips

rules of sports bets

The tips are 100% safe, but only for those who sell them, because they earn guaranteed money from the suckers like you who put the muzzle. On the Internet there are daily spikes trying to deceive the most naive bets. I promise that the bet is 100% safe (there is no such thing) or I promise that if the bet is lost you will be given the money paid on it. Maybe some will keep the word and give you the money back, but only those you paid, not the bet of bet (although I doubt you see so). Avoid believing in safe tips. There are serious sites, but very few and those do not sell “100% safe” matches, but I promise you a decent win. Search the internet on topics like “Paid Picks” Tip “” Pay Pontat Ponti “,” Mafia Paid Picks “and you will see what interesting things you will find.

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